This tool allows you to create apnea training directly from your web browser (see compatibility), it has the following features:

  • Wide choice of instructions (swimming, snorkeling, stop and go, etc...)
  • Display of instructions by group
  • Calculates:
    • Time and distance by sections
    • Total time and total distance
    • Total surface time / immersion
    • Time deduced from distance taking into account the type of swimming
  • Display of watch mark
  • Mode where time / distance is highlighted via graphs
  • Style adapted for printing
  • Color and black and white printing

It is not a tool for creating workouts to be used on an application installed on a watch (e. g. Apnea) even if it is not excluded that it will work later.


A training session is based on a series of instructions that students must carry out in order and according to the constraints associated with it.

Instructions list

  • Swim Free swimming
  • Freedive Freedive
  • Static Making a static apnea
  • Recover Recovering from exercise
  • Breath Breath
  • Stop&Go Starting apnea with static apnea and continuing with dynamic apnea
  • Go&Stop Starting apnea with dynamic apnea and continuing with static apnea
  • Stop&Go&Stop Start apnea with a static apnea, continue with a dynamic apnea and end with a static apnea.
  • Inhale Breathe in the number of times it is indicated
  • Hold Holding your breath
  • Exhale Exahle
  • Max Achieve a maximum duration apnea
  • Other To be used if no other instructions are suitable
  • Separator For display purposes only
  • Information Inform the student (put the small fins, etc...)


A group allows you to create a kind of meta-instruction composed of several instructions. It is possible to define repetitions for the whole group.


Each instruction, depending on its nature, has different constraints:

  • Distance The student must travel this distance
  • Duration The current instruction must be executed within the expected duration
  • Speed The student must cover the distance at the given speed (see speed)
  • Recovery Following the instruction, the student must recover during this time
  • Stop The freediver must perform static apnea before travelling a given distance (Stop&Go), after completing a distance (Go&Stop) or before and after a distance (Stop&Go&Stop)


When the edit mode is active, each section or instruction has action buttons, here is the meaning of each one.



  • Duplicate the instruction
  • Remove the instruction
  • Move the instruction


  • Add a repeat loop
  • Toggle the displays values as charts
  • Toggle inline
  • Duplicate the group
  • Remove the group
  • Move the group


Use the features when you want to change the look of the training, simply test them by checking or unchecking the items.

  • Full width The instructions extend over the entire width.
  • Inline block Groups the instructions displayed inline.
  • Watch marks Allows you to easily follow the training via watch markers that you only need to follow once you are out of the water.



The distance to travel, the accepted formats are 25m, 25.


The imposed time, the accepted formats are: 1m, 1s, 1'30\".


The speeds used correspond to the time taken to complete the 25m distance (e. g. 30 seconds to 25m)


A recent browser is preferable in order to make the most of the tool