Legal notices

Purpose of the processing

Apnea is a website promoting the Apnea application for watches, it also makes it possible to publish its activities.

In order to benefit from Apnea's services, a user must create a account that will be recorded and processed in a database.

A user can also send activities so that they are processed and possibly shared publicly according to the desired by the user, this information is also stored in a database.

This database allows:

  • Identify users
  • Storing their personal information and preferences
  • Perform processing to extract information relevant to the activities sent

Data categories


Email and your password are the only information you will need required to use your account in order to to identify you.

Additional information

However, you can provide the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Country
  • Username

Ordering data

In order to process orders, the following information is stored:

  • Transaction number
  • Purchasing details
  • Amount of purchases
  • Invoice payment data

Activity data

The user can send activities through a form in order to extract the information.
This data will then be visible on the user's account which will be able to analyze them.

The user may choose to make his activities public in order to share.

Watche data

During the registration process, the following information is sent from the watch to the Apnea website:

  • A unique identifier of the application
  • The model of the watch
  • The firmware version
  • The language
  • Data specific to the registration process

Data recipients

The data remains accessible only by the user except in the event that he decides to make them public.
If the profile is made public, then the user name will be displayed in order to identify the author of the shared activities on the site.

Your access and modification rights concerning your personal data

By connecting to your account, you can access and modify your personal information.

It is possible at any time to modify the exposure of your profile and your activities.

By going to the profile page, and disabling sharing public of your profile, all your information (activities and profile) will no longer be shared publicly and will therefore no longer be visible by third parties outside the site.

On the page of your account, it is possible for you to permanently delete your account and all the data you have shared.

Data conservation

The data described above are kept until they are deleted of the user's account.

The manual deletion of an activity by a user results in the complete deletion of associated information.

Information security

Your data is hosted on servers with restricted access to a limited number of people.

The use of encryption protocol, server updates and a technological watch make it possible to move towards security optimal.


If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns regarding the use of your information, or if you wish to exercise one of your statutory rights, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the following address: