Blog New versions : Apnea DYN 1.11.0 and Apnea CWT 1.8.0

Sept. 13, 2019 from Charles
cwt dyn version fenix6 fr945 marq

2 new minor versions are published today.

They fix some bugs and add support for new models, here are the details (valid for the 2 versions Apnea CWT and Apnea DYN):


  • The immersion rate did not work properly according to certain settings


  • The name of the activity is changed to "Freedive DYN" and "Freedive CWT".
  • Adding information to the activity (which will be used to display activities on the Apnea website)
  • Support of Forerunner 945
  • Support of models from the MARQ collection (Marq Athlete, Marq Aviator, Marq Captain, Marq Driver, Marq Expedition)
  • Support for models in the Fenix 6 range (Fenix 6, Fenix 6 Pro, Fenix 6S, Fenix 6S Pro, Fenix 6X Pro)

Forerunner 945 and Fenix 6 Series

Note an important point regarding the Fenix 6 Series and Forerunner 945: the maximum pressure value returned by the watch to the application is ~1.7Bar, i.e. a maximum measurable depth of ~7m.

Since I have no information, I can't say if this is a software limit imposed by Garmin or if a new sensor with a reduced operating range is now being used, anyway, I will continue the tests.