Blog New versions : Apnea DYN 1.10.2 and Apnea CWT 1.7.2

April 20, 2018 from Charles
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Today is released two new versions of Apnea that fixes 2 problems.

The first patch is minor and only applies to Apnea CWT

  • In simulation mode, the "SIM" status in the immersion view was no longer displayed.

The second correction requires a little more explanation and concerns Apnea DYN and Apnea CWT

When you launch Apnea, an activity is created and will store all the information related to the activity. An activity is linked to a type, there are many (ex: Running, mountain biking, etc ...), Apnea can not use the native freedive type (because Garmin reserves and does not provide documentation to this subject, thank you Garmin), there are 2 choices:

  • Swimming: This choice seems logical but with some disadvantages:
    • Can not set a name for the activity, the activity will appear as "Swimming" and not "Apnea" (ask Garmin why such behavior ...)
    • You can not, on certain model, read the heart rate from the optical sensor (I will return to it below)
  • Other: This allows us to define a name for the activity and to use the optical heart rate sensor, but we lose the ranking of the swimming activity.


  • The very first versions of Apnea used the type "Swimming" and it was possible to read the heart rate on all models, the only concern for this type of activity was the fact that we can not have a title for activity other than "Swimming"
  • Then, I decided to change the type of activity to "Other" in order to have a more logical name "Apnea" for activities created with Apnea
  • Since the Apnea DYN 1.10.0 and Apnea CWT 1.7.0 versions, I decided to go back to "Swimming", the apnea being a sub category of swimming, the change seemed coherent

And it is since the last change that some users contacted me to warn me that the heart rate reading was no longer working on Fenix 3 HR and after some investigations, Garmin corrected an internal bug that allowed to read the heart rate for the Swimming activities of certain models. It becomes impossible to read the heart rate on Fenix 3 HR with a Swimming activity.

This problem only affects users of Fenix 3 HR, now, on these devices, Apnea creates "other" type applications for these devices models and continues to use the "Swimming" type for other models that Garmin believes has more accurate optical heart rate sensors and remains activated in the water.

To update your applications:

  • Apnea DYN: Follow the usual process explained at the bottom of the page
  • Apnea CWT: Use Garmin Express for update