Blog New version: Apnea CWT 2.0.3

Aug. 19, 2023 from Charles
cwt apnea freedive

Apnea CWT 2.0.3 is released today, correcting a few minor bugs and bringing support for new devices.


List of fixes

  • Correction of a crash occurring with OLED / AMOLED devices
  • Reloading of a popup in the about page when pressing the up button.
  • Default activity type now changed to generic (see below)
  • Fixed Buddy page display on devices with 240x240 resolution

New devices supported

  • D2 Air
  • Epix 2
  • Venu 2
  • Forerunner 955
  • Forerunner 965

Note that these new devices, like other recent generations, are voluntarily limited by Garmin to a depth measurement of ~3m.

Generic activity

The default activity type is now "Generic", so your activities recorded with Apnea will no longer be displayed as swimming activities (this was already the case on Fenix 3, Fenix 3 HR, Vivoactive 3 and Fenix 5X).

The reason is that Garmin has decided to progressively disable the optical heart rate sensor on swimming activities, with users reporting to me that the Fenix 5S Plus and then the Pro were now impacted.

In order to continue to benefit from heart rate measurement (and even if accuracy is impaired in the water), the activity has therefore been changed to generic.


Download the application directly from your dashboard and copy it directly to your watch.