Blog New version : Apnea CWT 2.0

May 7, 2021 from Charles
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More than a year and a half has passed since the last update of Apnea CWT but the wait was worth it: a lot of new features are available in this version.

The development took a long time mainly because of the lack of time to properly test the features due to the health restrictions that affect us all.

New features

Here is the list of changes.

Change of the interface

When opening the application, you will notice that you are directly in the main screen: the main menu has been removed for simplicity. From now on, to access the settings or the about page, you will just have to press the UP button.

The menus have also been redesigned and prioritized to make it even easier to find items (on Fenix 3, the menus are flat due to the limited memory available).

Selecting the data to be displayed on the main screen

You can now choose which data to display on the main screen:

  • Heart rate
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Minimum temperature
  • Average temperature

This choice is relevant for those who practice in a natural environment with a wetsuit that prevents the optical sensor from functioning and who wish to know the water temperature.

Also note that the measurement of oxygen saturation in water should be interpreted with great caution.

Buddy page

You can choose to display a page called buddy page which allows you to time the immersion time of your dive partner, the total number of dives is also counted and displayed.

Buddy view

Access the documentation related to the buddy page.

Unfortunately it was not possible to port this feature to the Fenix 3 due to a lack of memory on these models.


Behind this name hides a tool that will allow you to configure your watch directly from the Apnea website.

The interest is to be able to give more details than on the screen of the watch and later to allow the addition of additional settings that would overload the interface of the watch.

Configurator view

Go to Configurator.

New supported devices

The list of supported watches is growing:

  • Vivoactive 4, Vivoactive 4S
  • D2 Delta
  • Forerunner 645
  • Forerunner 745
  • Venu
  • Descent MK2

Note that these devices being recent, they are all limited by Garmin to a depth reading of 7.2m (except the Descent MK2 of course).


  • Time display : This is something that has been requested a lot because not all models allow you to create a shortcut to display the clock from a third party application. The time has been added to the settings menu entry.
  • Choice of water density : This option allows you to specify the type of water you are immersed in to improve the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Changing the depth unit : Essentially useful for users who use their watches in imperial units but wish to use meters as the depth unit.
  • Feedback type : It is now possible to choose the type of feedback desired (sound, vibration or both)
  • Terminology change : The term cadence has been replaced by metronome to be clearer on its usefulness and in line with the terminology used by Garmin.


Apnea DYN is also undergoing major changes but you'll have to wait a little longer.

As usual, if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to propose them and in case of problem, you can consult the documentation which has been updated and is now available as a web page: Apnea CWT documentation.

Have a good dive.