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July 16, 2019 from Charles
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It's been a long time since I've given any news via the blog, mainly for the reason mentioned in the previous article.

Le support

I no longer do support via Facebook / Messenger, the only way to get help is via the following email address:, I always make sure to respond quickly to requests.

Apnea DYN and Apnea CWT applications

Many interesting new features are to be expected concerning Apnea CWT and Apnea DYN including a complete redesign of the interface which will become even more convenient and will allow you to add even more features without losing ergonomics.

Note that it is very likely that I cannot support certain watch models (Fenix 3 in particular) because of their memory capacity too low, Apnea currently uses ~95% of their storage capacity, I will however continue to maintain them in case of a bug.

Support for new models.

A new website

Historically, Apnea was created to know its diving parameters in real time or just after an immersion, the addition of post-activity visualization was a plus later on when using Garmin Connect, unfortunately, Apnea was removed of the Garmin store making it impossible to correctly visualize activities.

However, using Garmin Connect has always been frustrating because it was too limited, not malleable enough, so I started creating a new website allowing you to download all your apnea activities as well dynamic, of constant weight and maybe later static apnea or other (there are plenty of ideas), allowing you to see all the details of each dive session.


Here is the list of current features:

  • Graphs
    • Simultaneous display of all relevant data (depth, speed, optical heart rate, chest heart rate)
    • Zoom possible on each part of the activity
    • Each immersion is identified and the related data extracted
  • Immersion data, for each immersion, the relevant information is directly extracted
    • Duration
    • Previous recovery time
    • Depth
    • Mini and medium heart rate
  • Ability to add notes, mark an activity as a favorite
  • Classification of activities by discipline, event
  • Generation of activation keys directly on the new site
  • The downloading of activities will initially be manual

A small screenshot of the interface under development:

The new Apnea interface

Coming soon

  • Adding tags
  • Activity sharing
  • Display of the cartography widely used by hunters
  • LiveView functionality

Each Apnea CWT user will benefit from access to this new site without any surcharges, however, in order to pay for the infrastructure costs, I may create a Premium access that will allow me to benefit from even more features.

What happens next?

A test version will be deployed soon and I will need testers to get feedback, if you are interested and especially available to take the time to test and give me serious feedback, please send me an email at